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Shirriff 1


Flatwater kayak... no particular make or model... would be intersted in looking at any kayak anyone might be considering selling.

Contact Lara...


As pictured... Kenmore washer.

All in excellent condition.


Contact: Julie 





Free to a good home... Two tiered shelving units for kitchen base cabinets
Measurements: 14w x 16h x 21.5 d
White, powder coated, painted steel, glide smoothly on stainless steel ball bearings
In excellent condition... can barely tell they've ever been used
Served us well for 12 years, but we're (finally) renovating the kitchen so no longer needed
Available immediately


CONTACT:   Enid Wray


For Sale

What bargains can be found at Bass Lake? 

This section is dedicated to posting items for sale, wanted items, or lost and found items. 

Please note that you must be a member of the Bass Lake Association to post any items. 

To post an item, please send an e-mail to

Please remember to e-mail us back when the item has been sold - or found - so we can remove the posting.


Lost and Found

BED IN A BAG - Twin/Single

  • 1 Twin Conforter
    • ‘Pipeline’ style by MiZone
    • Blue Striped
  • 1 co-ordinating pillow sham (not shown)
  • 1 co-ordinating decor pillow
  • 2 Twin Sheet Sets
    • Signature 200 by Tommy Hilfiger
    • Dark Blue
  • 1 Fitted Twin Mattress Cover
    • Studio 707
    • White, Hypo-allergenic
    • 12 inch pocket




Winter Roof

We are a family of 3 (plus 1 dog and 1 cat), looking for a winter roof!

We are currently renting on Kendon Road, but the cottage if not winterised, so we will have to leave once things start freezing.

We are hoping there may be someone on the lake who will not be using their winterized cottage this year and may be interested in renting it out to us!  
I am a residential/cottage cleaner/painter/welder/pesticide tech and my partner is a carpenter/painter/snow mover/property maintenance/fixer of all things!

If your cottage needs any repairs, paint, property maintenance, we would be more than happy to take care of that during the winter. 
Thank you so much for reading and I’m hoping to hear from some of the amazing people on our lake! 

Contact:  Julie Duimstra and Jeff Newport



August 24th... Plastic 'beach ball' type ball... on the larger side, combination of clear and light blue panels.

Has distinct special feature to it.

Don't let the picture fool you.. it is in pristine condition... some air was let out in order to be able to transport it via kayak from where it was found adrift in the very southernmost point of the lake... it oculd have blown in from anywhere...


Contact: Send an e-mail to

R40 Insulation

  • Propane prices are on the rise!

  • We have approximately 70+ batts of R40 16" on centre insulation.

  • Clean... 

    from new build, have decided to go a different route with insulation
  • Excellent condition.

  •  Free or best offer



Karen @ 705-816-5749



Hat, as pictured.... floated into dock on Bass Lake Road side of centre bay, in behind the unmarked rocks, on August 11th.


Contact: and we'll let you know where to collect your hat.


Pink flamingo... as pictured... (picture is an approximate representation...)


Went AWOL with the wind on Monday August 9th.

There are more than a few of htese around the lake... so if you think you've got one that isn't yours... please get in touch.


Contact:   Julie Duimstra

1137 Kendon Road


Pink floater ring, as pictured.


On the Brydon dock for you to pick up at your convenience.

See map for dock location.


Seat back from paddle boat... 


Contact: and we'll let you know where to collect your items


Sept 4th:  An Aussie Chiller hat-size medium in little middle bay on east side of north arm. 


Contact:  Mike Greenwood,  2032-2 Berners Rd.   or   905-467-2972

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