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Good afternoon everyone:


It looks to be an amazing weekend.  It looks like it will be a full fledged summer weekend in September.  These don’t come along too often, so take advantage of it.


Thank goodness the tornado/storm did not seem to cause any issues in cottage country.  Hopefully, you experienced the same at your homes.


We have a few items to share with everyone, so please take the time  to read:


Photos Wanted!  2021 Dock Rock and Parade of Lights


Send - or share - your photos from either event with so that we can add them to the photo collections on the Bass Lake website and save them for eternity.


Sample the Dock Rock 2021 photos we’ve already collected in our Flickr album…

Feel free to send along any additional photos for any of these events and we’ll add them to our collection.


Bass Lake Photo Contest - deadline extended!


We’ve had a few requests for a couple of extra days to get photos organised… so the deadline has been extended to Monday September 20th!!

  • The weekend weather forecast is for a glorious September weekend - it doesn’t get much better than this!

  • So if you haven’t snapped that perfect shot yet… there is till opportunity the next couple of days.


Now is the time to go through your summer photos… and choose the best of your best for entry into the official Bass Lake Photo Contest.

  • We’ve noticed some pretty awesome shots that have been shared with the BassLakeWeb Instagram account.  

  • Make sure you submit them for consideration in the official Photo Contest.


Full contest details are available at the 2021 Events webpage.



Lastly, we are also still looking for members of the Bass Lake Association to be judges for our contest.  

  • Please send an e-mail to if you are interested in being a judge.

  • Be sure to tell us a little something about yourself and why you think you're a good fit for judging our photography contest.  

  • No experience necessary.


Bass Lake Exchange


Something gone missing at the lake this summer?  Not been found yet? 


Take a moment to check out the ‘Lost and Found’ at the Bass Lake Exchange.  

  • With the wild weather this summer there has been lots of traffic in the ‘Lost and Found’…and there are still some items hanging about that remain unclaimed.

  • Check if anything belongs to you.


There are also good deals to be had in the ‘For Sale’ section on the same webpage.


And a reminder… if something has been SOLD or FOUND… please send an e-mail to so that we cam remove the item(s) from the website.


It Was That Big


For all of the fisherman out, please share your fishing stories.  It would be good to know what is being caught these days.


Gypsy Moths


The gypsy moths were not just a cottage phenomenon this summer. They were everywhere and thank goodness, they are not an issue anymore.  However, they will return next year and many of you may notice that they have built tents in trees on your property.  These tents are full eggs for next year’s moths.  For the trees that are accessible, try to cut the branches and destroy the tents.  These efforts can help slow the spread next year in your area of the lake.


Have a great weekend.


Jeff MacDonald


Bass Lake Association




CORRECTION… ‘I Made a Moth-stake’


Good evening


Thank goodness we have so many knowledgeable cottagers on Bass.  With respect to our Gypsy Moth comments, we need to revise them.


The gypsy moths do not form tents.


The females lay small (size of a loonie) little whitish patches on tree bark, the sides of buildings...anywhere really.


These small sacks need to be scraped off into pails of soapy water.


Scaping only will result in eggs still hatching on ground. Soapy water for 24 hrs needed to kill them.


Here is some additional information:


I have also attached an image for you.  As you will see, they lay eggs on a surface and cover them with brown fuzzy stuff.


Big thank you to Colleen Cooper and Bruce Brydon for their help.




Jeff MacDonald


Bass Lake Association



Sept 16th, 2021

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