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Good morning everybody:

On behalf of the executive of the Bass Lake Association, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  This will be a unique year as we are all being encouraged to limit Thanksgiving to our immediate household.    Regardless, it’s still a year for all of us to be thankful and appreciate our family and friends that much more.

Just a few items to share with you:


2020 Bass Lake Photo Contest: The Winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered this year’s Photo Contest. 

And a special thank you to our fabulous panel of judges: David Brandy, Julie Chisholm and Tim Holland.

Apparently they did a most excellent job, as the winners from the People’s Choice voting were identical to the judged’s picks!  Who would have expected that?

















The winners of each category will receive a gift card to a local business or restaurant.  Winners, watch for an e-mail to follow separately to make arrangements.


2020 Bass Lake Photo Contest: Comments from the Photographers

We asked each winning photographer for a few comments about their winning photo:

  • Joy! by Justin Wray
    • COVID rules relaxed and bubbles expanded allowing cousins who hadn’t seen each other for months to get together at the cottage. Tubing in our family has always brought fun, excitement, fear, and occasionally a few battles. This year though it was so much more… 
  • Parade Time by Ryan Thomas
    • We love participating in the parade of lights but it’s sometimes a treat to watch from shore. Look for us on the lake next year!
  • Curiosity in the Canoe by Rob Graham
    • Two curious boys up early canoeing, exploring, and asking an endless stream of questions. The perfect morning commute on Bass lake.
  • Open Up! by Rainer Bemman
    • I was polishing my boat in front of Ian’s workshop at Bass Lake Restaurant when I heard some screeching noises overhead. Mother bird was not too pleased about my presence. But my Photographer juices stated flowing immediately. I finished the boat and returned with my camera. Approximately every 10 to 15  minutes was feeding time. I had a great time watching and clicking.  It was fascinating to watch how caring methodical  mom and dad were. 


Bass Lake Little Free Library

  • The Bass Lake LFL will be closing down for the winter at the end of October.
  • Please feel free to come and help yourself to as many titles as you’d like… so we have less to store over the winter.
  • We’ve loaded up with some fresh new titles for this Thanksgiving weekend


Parry Sound Public Health Flu Clinics

  • You can also book to get Pneumonia and Shingles vaccines - and any other Public Health immunisations as well.


Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association:  Tracking Trends - A survey about off-season usage

  • Further to last week’s District of Muskoka survey, FOCA is conducting their own province-wide survey to determine whether the ongoing pandemic if shifting patterns of property usage.
  • Please feel free to share this link widely, so all regions are included in the results.
  • We are interested to know if people have spent, or may be planning to spend, more time at their waterfront properties in Ontario because of travel restrictions and physical distancing protocols, including work-from-home options. 
    • We know that the amount of time spent in our waterfront communities can have a direct impact on the local economy, and the provision of important public services. 
    • Help FOCA to quantify the impact of our community! 
  • As members of the Muskoka Economic Recovery Task Force (MERTF), FOCA is also awaiting results of the recent MERTF survey of planned off-season usage in the District of Muskoka. 


2021 Kelly Shires Snow Run

  • The Bass Lake Pink Ladies have been participating in the run for almost 20 years.  
    • Steph Green, Joan Wice and MaryAnn Beaudin along with many other women have hosted or helped with the Bass Lake Giant Garage Sale, Lemonade and cookie sales, bottle drives, pancake breakfast, gas pumping, the Bass Lake Poker Run and Music Nights to name but a few of their endeavours.  
    • Since 2009 they themselves have raised over $60 000 and met four local women who have benefitted from financial support while going through treatment for Breast Cancer.
  • This year’s Snow Run, as so many other things under COVID, is going to be a little different
    • Instead of being a weekend get-away where thousands of women hit the trails together, everyone is encouraged to ride as much as they like, wherever they like, with whomever they want to, throughout the month of February.
  • Each of our Bass Lake participant’s, to maintain their team status and be official Snow Runners, must reach a fundraising goal of $750.  
    • This year to date the Pancake Breakfast at the Bass Lake Roadhouse (January, pre-COVID), and the Dock Rock donations have raised almost $2000.
  • Any additional funds are greatly appreciated by the ladies involved.  
    • If you feel so inclined to support them, donations can be sent to them through the Bass Lake Association via e-transfer to our treasurer Jo-Anne Goodwin (


Have a great weekend!

Jeff MacDonald


Bass Lake Association


October 9th

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