Bass Lake Association Annual Meeting

All members are invited to attend our annual meeting to review all issues and items of interest to Bass Lake.

Date:            June 29, 2019

Time:           8:30 am

Location:     Foot’s Bay Community Centre


Bass Lake Road Association Workday

All residents on the Bass Lake Road are encouraged to come out and help.

Date:            To Be Determined

Time:           9am

Location:     Bass Lake Road

Bass Lake Poker Run

Everybody on the lake with a non-motorized vehicle is invited to play.  Gather your cards during the day and we will meet at the restaurant to see who has the best hand.  Registration is $20 and the funds raised will be split between prize

money and a charitable donation.

Date:            August 10, 2019

Time:           10:00am

Location:     Starting at the MacDonald dock (1141-11 Bass Lake Road).

Bass Lake Lights Out

Everybody is encouraged to turn their lights out and enjoy our clear night sky.

If everyone can participate, it will make for a great night to enjoy the stars!

Date:            July 13, 2019

Time:           When it gets dark

Location:     Your cottage.

Bass Lake Parade of Lights

Everybody on the lake is invited to decorate their boat with christmas lights, glow sticks, or whatever you want.

Date:            Saturday, August 31, 2019  (If it rains, we will do it the following day)

Time:           Approximately 9pm

Location:     Out in the big bay

Bass Lake Road Association

All cottagers that live on the Bass Lake Road are invited to attend our annual meeting to review all issues and items that relate to the road.

Date:           Saturday, September 3, 2019

Time:          10:00am to 11:00am

Location:    1066-1 Bass Lake Road (Garry’s garage)  PLEASE BRING CHEQUE BOOK

Bass Lake Garage Sale

All members are invited to donate items to the garage sale.  Proceeds will be donated to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.   Donations are welcome

for the sale.  Contact Mary Ann or Garry at 705.375.5109.

Date:            August 3, 2019

Time:           8 am to noon

Location:     Bass Lake Road House


Everyone is invited to float and listen to the Leicester’s play music on their dock. 

Date:            August 3, 2019

Time:           3pm to 5pm

Location:     Leicester’s Dock (small bay across from Crown land)

0‘Canada - Celebrating Canada Day

Everybody is encouraged to decorate their docks to celebrate Canada’s birthday.  

Date:            June 29, 2019 (the official date is July 1st, but we will celebrate on Sat)

Time:           All Day

Location:     Decorate Your Dock