McMorran Electric Limited

Ken McMorran





K J Grant

Floor Installers (Broadloom, Vinyl, Custom Staircases, Binding & Surging)

705-746-2738     /     705/746-0075

“My carpets had loosened quite a bit.  I was told that the humidity is the main culprit.  They were able

to stretch all of my carpets and remove all of the bumps.  The carpets look great!” ~ Jeff MacDonald




Mark Gibbesh

705-646-4922 / markgibbesh@gmail.com

“I've categorized Mark under general as he does it all. Plumbing, Electrical, General construction, cottage maintenance, etc. Dependable, reasonable and absolute top quality.” ~ Chris Bodanis

Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical

705-687-3402 / www.gravenhurstplumbing.com

“2013 / 2014 was the winter that you did NOT want to have furnace issues.  It was blind luck that I had gone up to the cottage in January to shovel the roof and discovered that the furnace was not working.  I conctacted Gravenhurst Pluming, Heating, & Electrical and they arrived within a couple of hours.  We discovered that our Heater Exchanger had cracked and they needed to order parts.  They quickly fixed the furnace in a timely and efficient manner.” ~ Jeff MacDonald

Turnbull Construction

705-765-6960 / aturnbull9@sympatico.ca

“Matt is a genius with a piece of wood, an old fashioned craftsman with an impeccable eye for detail. He replaced our falling apart deck last fall. Please feel free to stop by and take a look. He is a master at docks and decks and is also an excellent trim carpenter, among other skills. He has worked (for a local builder) for many years and is looking to build his own business.” ~ Enid Wray

Rockwood Contracting

705-646-8280 / ian@rockwoodcontracting.com

“Ian has done some great work for friends and also family cottages on the big lakes. He's also a nice guy to get along with and very professional in his approach to the job.” ~ Nick Karantjas



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