The Bass Lake Code

The Bass Lake Code is a listing of generally accepted cottage practices that are to remind us and our guests of our responsibilities to the environmental health of our lake, to promoting a mutual respect amongst our fellow cottagers and ensuring that water safety is a priority of all.  Please help us promote safety, preserve our water quality and maintain good neighbourly relations.

Swimming and Boating Safety

Boaters – please keep at least 30 metres (100 feet) away from the shoreline when moving at speed and reduce speed to dead slow near docks and swimming areas. 

Cottages – please ensure that floating water toys and swimming rafts don’t impair boating safety.  Water skiing and tube boat drivers – please ensure the safety of swimmers and boaters around you.

Water Quality

Please don’t feed the waterfowl – they contribute to the production of “swimmers itch” – a very unpleasant rash.

No washing in the lake!  Soaps and shampoos – even if they are phosphate free – degrade water quality.

Anti-bacterial and more commonly used soaps / cleaners can harm your septic and contribute to phosphorous build up in our lake over time.  Please use phosphate free and septic safe products – they are readily available at our local stores.

Shoreline Preservation

From the land:  Plant, preserve and encourage natural vegetative growth along your shoreline to help filter storm run-off.  Natural vegetation can absorb phosphorous before it gets to the lake.

From the water:  Wakes can accelerate damage to shorelines and docks (and make for a bumpy ride for people with floating docks).  Please ensure that wakes are appropriate to the distance from shore.  Reduce speed to produce no wake in narrow areas.


Please ensure that light does not shine beyond your property boundaries.

Please join all Muskokans in promotion a dark-sky-friendly environment.


Amplified Sound:  Please control amplified sound so that it can’t be heard beyond the bounds of your property.

Excessive noise:  It’s important to respect the request for reduced sound levels from your neighbours.  As well, when the wind is light, voices can be heard right down the lake.  During the day, be mindful of the words you use as there are many young ears on the lake.  After 11 pm, noise levels must drop significantly.  Cottagers affected by excessive noise may contact the OPP (1-888-310-1122) for immediate action when noise has reached the level of a public nuisance.  You may also telephone the Township of Muskoka Lakes By-Law officer concerning noise after 11:00 pm (705-765-3156).

Boat Noise:  Boaters and Personal Water Craft (sea-doo’s) – please don’t circle repeatedly in one area.


Please help avoid attracting bears, raccoons and other unwanted animals.  Keep garbage in bear-proof containers, clean your BBQ’s and don’t leave pet food outside.  Bird feeders in the summer are as likely to attract bears as they do birds.

Cottage Rentals and Renters

Please ensure that all cottage renters have the necessary Pleasure Craft Operators Card before allowing use of your power boats.  Renters – please support this code to make your Bass Lake experience a great one.