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The Bass Lake Code Of Conduct

Serene mornings, mist on the water, the call of the loon ... welcome to Bass Lake, Muskoka.  Although small in size, Bass Lake offers unsurpassed privacy and a sense of community.  The Bass Lake Association is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the preservation of the lake and the surrounding natural


  1. Maintain communication among all cottagers on Bass Lake

This site has been assembled to allow all cottagers to stay up to date on all concerns involving Bass Lake and surrounding area.  Please send us your feedback and include articles and images that you would like to share.

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For Sale / Wanted / Lost & Found

Check out our dedicated page by clicking hereThere are some great new items posted.

The Bass Lake Book Club

The Bass Lake Book Club meets 5 times a summer providing an opportunity for avid readers to get together with fun loving folks to talk about books… and so much more!  We meet on the Sunday afternoon of each long weekend, from May to October.

Bass Lake Markers - IMPORTANT

Every cottage owner should be aware of the lake markers and any other potential rocks or hazards on the lake.  Please make sure you educate your cottage guests if they should go out on the water.  If you rent your cottage, it is your responsibility to advise your tenants of these markers and our Bass Lake Code of Conduct.  Click here to see a map with the location of these markers.

Water Quality Report

Please be advised, that according to the 2016 Water Quality Report, the condition of Bass Lake is good!  The phosphorous and e.coli levels are low and well below thresholds.  This is great news and this initiative executed by the Bass Lake Association is reason alone to be a member.  Please share this news with your neighbours and encourage everyone to join the BLA.  The results from the Water Quality Report can be viewed by clicking here.

Bass Lake Little Free Library

The Library is located at the end of Kendon Road, at the turnaround beside the Crown Land.  The Library will be out between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving.  It has been seeded with a sampling of books - mostly mysteries - as they seem to always been on the menu at the cottage!.

Check Out Minutes From 2017 AGM

Please be advised that the minutes from our 2017 AGM are now posted.  Please click here to view them.

Check out the Bass Lake Guide For Cottage Owners and Renters

Who You Gonna Call???

If a pipe should burst in the middle of the night, who are you going to call?  If you don’t know of a local plumber, you will most likely ask your neighbour.  This section has been developed by the cottagers on the lake and not the Bass Lake Association to help you locate a trade or service that you may need at the cottage.


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