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2020 Bass Lake Photo Contest


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Parade of Lights

Everybody on the lake is invited to decorate their boat and/or their dock with christmas lights, glow sticks, or whatever you want.

  • Date:            Saturday, September 5th, 2019  (If it rains, we will do it the following day)
  • Time:           Approximately 8:30pm
  • Location:     Assemble out in the big bay


  • Open to all Bass Lake cottagers and family members

  • Photos must be original.

  • Photos must be taken during the 2020 calendar year.

  • Photos must not have been submitted for entry, or have been cited or won, any other photo contest.

  • Photographers retain ownership over their photographs.

  • Photographers must ensure that they have any and all necessary permissions from any third parties
    (people or property) that might appear in the submitted photographs.

  • Photographers agree to allow the Bass Lake Association to use their photos for purposes related to
    the activities of the association.


The Categories

  • Children and Youth
  • Adult
  • Wildlife
  • Action
  • Landscapes and Nature


The Photos

1. Technical requirements

  • Take a photo with any device
  • JPG files only
  • No watermarks
  • No cropping
  • No filters applied


2. Important reminders

  • If you're using a mobile device, ensure your camera is set to the highest resolution possible. (This is the default setting unless you've changed it)
  • Avoid adding filters on photo editing apps. These filters can compromise the quality of the photo
  • Cropping images taken on mobile devices can also compromise the quality of the photo


How To Submit Your Entry



1. The jurors

  • Members of the Bass Lake Association are invited to apply to be juror’s for the contest
  • Fill out this short Google Form Application and we’ll be in touch.


2. Announcing the Shortlist

  • The juror’s will announce their shortlist of photos approx. one week after the contest closes.
  • The final announcement of the winning photos will be made via the Bass Lake Association website at or near the end of September.
  • Winners will also be announced via the regular Bass Lake Update e-mail blast.


The Winners

  • The winners in each category will receive a gift certificate to a local retailer or restaurant… and bragging rights.

Bass Lake Golf

In the same spirit by which the Torrance Barrens (pictured) has been designated as a Dark-Sky Reserve, members of the Bass Lake community are invited to turn out the lights on a common evening to celebrate the beauty of the dark sky.

Learn more at the International Dark Sky Reserves website.

Lights Out: Saturday August 15th

Do you like to paddle?  Getting up early in the morning and going for a solo paddle is lovely… but it’s also nice to sometimes paddle with a partner, or even a small group.

Indeed, it might just be the incentive needed to get out there and get moving on those days when you really want to paddle but inertia - and your morning cup of tea or coffee, or afternoon drinks and nibbles - keep you firmly rooted to the spot.  Knowing that you had committed to paddle with someone w/could be the push you need to actually get up and get paddling.

In these days of COVID when you’re not really having many guests at the cottage, consider joining our newly constituted Bass Lake Paddlers group.  Meet new people, and up your exercise ante all at once.

All are welcome... kayaks, canoes, paddle boards... whatever you paddle, join us.

We communicate and co-ordinate using the ‘What’s App’ app.  

Bass Lake Paddlers

As part of the COVID Stage 3 reopening, Muskoka is subject to:

  • Outdoor gathering limits increased to a maximum of 100 people; with,
  • Gathering limits subject to physical distancing requirements.
  • Public gathering limits apply to indoor and outdoor events, such as community events or gatherings, concerts, live shows, festivals, conferences, sports and recreational fitness activities, fundraisers, fairs, festivals or open houses.


Given this… Dock Rock 2020 is back on!


  • Neil and Drew Leicester will be returning for Dock Rock 2020 on Sunday, August 2nd from 2pm to 4pm.  
  • Everyone is invited to park their boat / flotation in the bay across from the crown land.  
  • Everyone still needs to respect social distancing rules by remaining in their boat or on their own flotation device.


Dock Rock Donations

We will be raising proceeds for the local Food Bank and Kelly Shires.  Last year we raised $1000 for Kelly Shires at Dock Rock.

In past years, donations were collected on the bay.  To respect social distancing rules, we will be collecting donations via e-transfer. 

  • Please e-transfer your donation to Jo-Anne Goodwin.
  • Please send Jo-Anne an e-mail - using the donate button below - to advise how you would like to direct your donation (i.e. all to Food Bank, all to Kelly Shires, or some to each).


If anyone is interested in playing golf over the summer, Brian McConnell has volunteered to coordinate.  If there is enough interest, we could even organize a golf league. 

If you are interested, please click HERE to be connected to Brian.

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