2021 WQ Summary Final to Post


SPECIAL NOTE:  The Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) suspended their water sampling programme during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We continued on our own using a private lab.


The Bass Lake Association is active with respect to monitoring the quality of our lake.  We currently have six test sites that provide a good snapshot of water conditions.





Our lake specific data is analyzed by the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) and a full report is made available to all lakes, and their communities, each spring (following the sampling season). 

The final report compares phosphorous levels in Bass Lake to other participating lakes in the Muskoka watershed and the results will be made available to all association members in the annual spring report.


Additional compethensive information and reporting about Water Quality

and maintaining Water Quality is now available at our newest webpage titled Understanding Water Quality on Bass Lake

Spring 2021


New legislation came into effect on May 20th, 2021


Please inspect any 'items' you might have that have styrofoam in contact with the water and remove/replace if they show signs of degradation.


Information about testing your individual drinking water supply - the water coming from your tap - can be found in the Public Health section of the Community Connections page here at the Bass Lake Assocation website.

Current Water Quality Conditions at Bass Lake
Please refer to the following with respect to water quality trends on Bass Lake.



















Please refer also to these publications from the MLA


  • MLA Newsbites - July 2020
  • Link here to access the full online edition.
  • The final item in this edition of MLA News bites contains a clarification with respect to the Bass Lake identified in the previous edition (June 2020, above).  
  • This follows an exchange of emails with the MLA.  
  • Your BLA Executive sent them a note of thanks for making this clarification for the record.

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